Raw Material

  • Raw Materials are directly procured from manufacturer and their Authorized Distributors.
  • At SARJANI INDUSTRIES , procurement is always of conventional and high permeability grade material. Utmost care is taken while selection of raw material.
  • The inventory capacity of SARJANI INDUSTRIES is 300 MT to 350 MT.
  • CRGO Mill suppliers include - Nippon,Japananse,Thyssen,NLMK,Cogent Steel


  • Testing is done on EPSTEIN Testor , according to parameter given by customer , than only we take it in production , and all data are provided to customer


  • We had 5 ultra-modern slitting machines. We had advanced technology slitting machines slit the steel without affecting its magnetic properties.
  • The slitting machines includes carbide cutters that will provide slits and controls burr less than 10 microns.

Quality Checking

  • We had team of dynamic personel who check wavyness,burrs level,thickness,slit size and cut size at every stage of production


  • Lamination cutting is done on Cut to Length machine And Fully Automatic Swing Shear Machine , We had brand new six cut to length machine and .
  • Two brand new fully automatic swing shear machine
  • We take proper care of lamination size and punches during the time of production .


  • The process of packaging is the most crucial phase as the material is very sensitive. Highest level of care is taken to ensure the material safety.
  • Utmost care is taken to ensure material safety.
  • We ensure optimum utilization of floor space at the receiving end. We do set wise packing with forward & reverse pyramid in case of bigger jobs so that our customer's, while building/assembling the core, need not open more than the minimum pallets for assembling cores.
  • The products are packed under the direction of experts to avoid damage during the transportation
  • High Density Polymer is wrapped on the product and low density cover is wrapped over it.
  • Wooden planks are used to protect the edges from damage. Stretch wrap stripping is done at the end.


  • Material is shipped by surface transport. Purchaser is free to nominate their transport agency or else our transport department make suitable choice of means of transportation depending upon the load and ensures safety of goods and timely delivery.