Lamination Cutting


Transformer core lamination for Power & Distribution transformers is manufactured from various grades of Cold Rolled Grain Oriented ( CRGO ) steel.

Lamination in various shapes & sizes are slit and cut to required accurate geometrical shapes with 90° & 45° cutting systems. The manufacturing of Cold Rolled Grain Oriented CRGO Quality Lamination involves a high degree precision engineering.

Transformer lamination can be of various sizes for single or three-phase transformers, made with overlap joints or step lap joints (Cross/Longitudinal). They are cut, punched and V-notched in order to fit in a particular transformer by CNC - cut to length line. Cutting, Punching and Notching of different shapes of sheets are possible in width up to 1000 mm and length up to 5500 mm. Sarjani, with its integrated software to convert conventional design to Step lap design, insists transformer manufacturers to opt for Step lap design. Step lap core design enables easier path for flux to travel at the joints and therefore reducing No Load Losses of transformer core by 5 to 8%. Sarjani team also assists in core assembly if required.

In addition to the cutting of the CRGO lamination, Sarjani offers built core, assembled core (Overlap/Steplap joints).